Kagura Matsuoka
Appears in:Fan:DigiSavers
Age 16
Grade 10th
Gender Female
Known relatives Hiro Matsuoka (Twin Brother)

Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father

Nationality Japanese (Mother's side)
French (Father's side)
Occupation DigiSaver
Legendary Hero


Her basic features is that she has brown hair and blue eyes.

As a child (ages 8-12), she was very short for her age. She had straight brown hair, almost reaching her shoulders and either wears it in pig tails or loose. She would always wear sweatpants and hoodies, disliking dresses, skirts and makeup very much. Kagura prefers comfy, loose clothes instead of tight fitting clothes such as skinny jeans and tight fitting dresses.

In present day (age 16), Kagura still continues to wear loose fitting clothes but her style has changed a bit. She prefers to tie her hair up. She has now grown up to 5'9, with her brother an inch taller.


She has a sarcastic personality but is brave and courageous when she needs to be and won't hesitate to fight or help her friends when necessary.

Kagura has a giant appetite and will do almost anything to get food (especially noodles or chocolate). Minami questioned her huge appetite once because no matter how much Kagura eats she never gains any weight, which Kagura replied with a shrug before continuing to stuff herself.

Kagura has a personality very similar to her twin brother but because she is stubborn it's something she'll never believe and/or admit. She fights with her brother almost all the time but contain a strong twin bond that none of them understand. Their bond is why no matter how many times they fight, they'll still be there for each other no matter what.


Kagura's Patamon wears a pink strap that was previously owned by Kagura herself but gave it to Patamon as a reminder that he's her Patamon and a reminder of their strong friendship.

Patamon is given the nickname 'Pata' by Kai.

Fresh In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega
Poyomon t Tokomon t Patamon (Frontier) t Angemon dm 4 MagnaAngemon dm 4 Seraphimon dm 4
Poyomon Tokomon Patamon Angemon MagnaAngemon Seraphimon

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