Level In-Training
Type Small Dragon
Attribute Data
Family Nature Spirits
Next forms Fan:Kairomon

Kaimon is a fan made digimon created by User:Blossom49451.


Kaimon is a small dragon Digimon whose name is derived from the Japanese word for world (世界 Sekai). It was originally created using some of the data from heroes of the past such as Agumon, Veemon, Guilmon, Dorumon and Shoutmon. Because of this, it always seems to have a sense of justice and heroism in its veins.


  • Kai Kai Cannon- Fires off a stream of energy towards its opponents from an orb of light it creates.
  • Kai Kai Crush- Attacks opponents in a flurry of sppedy kicks, chops and punches.
  • Kai Kai Cutter- Strikes opponents by slicing them with its claws in a tornado like motion.
  • Pepper Breath
  • Buzzing Punch
  • Pyro Sphere
  • Metal Cannon
  • Bellow Blaster