KaiserShoutmon is a Fan:Royal Digivolution of Shoutmon. He take a similar appearance of EmperorGreymon but with a lot of changes, his Headphones turn into horns, his hands become Knight-like, his feet become more Susanoomon-like, his body looks more Knight-like, his V is now enlarged, he has a cape with the Xros Heart logo on it, his sword is similar to Imperialdramon Paladin Mode's sword and his face is similar to EmerorGreymon's. He is also known to be a Royal Knight and the ruler of the Digital World, his companions, Fan:SupremeGreymon and Alphamon come along side him through out. He is ememies with the Seven Great Demon Lords and Baguramon and also Fan:CreepyPastamon. He vows to all Digimon in the Digital World about him, he says, "If i die in the hands of evil, my sword and courage will go to you, and all the ones you love."

Level: Mega Type: Data Family: Dragon's Roar, Virus Busters Value: Holy Knight Attacks:

  • Kaiser Sword: Holds his sword in the air, waits for it to have full charge and then slashes it at full speed.
  • Royal Rock Soul: His body glows in flames and unleashes a giant fire ball from his hands.
  • Xros Sword: Holds his sword in the air, then the sword glows red with a dark red X surrounding it, and then unleashes it.

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