Kamichi Hiryu
(火竜 神一 Hiryu Kamichi)
Digivice(s):Red/Orange Digivice Touch
Red/Orange Digivice Touch 2.0
Trait(s):Flame ( Honoo?)
Age 13
Grade 7th
Gender Male
Nationality Japanese

Is the leading character of Digimon Digi-Wars. He's the General of the Digi-Bond Army.


He is an enthusiastic young man who had a trait of a leader, and leads Digi-Bond to help restore peace with the Digital World. He has a hot-headed personality, and quickly get his friends into trouble, and quickly fixes them before they get out of hand.


He can digivolve his partnered digimons up to their Mega and beyond through his DigiApp.

Digimon Forms

Kamichi wields AncientGreymon's power through the Spirits of Flame. He activate it with a Spirit DigiApp.


Agunimon b

H Spirit of Flame b

Agunimon is the form Kamichi takes when he uses the H Spirit of Flame.


  • Pyro Punch (Burning Salamander): Releases a flame dragon from his fists.
  • Pyro Darts (Fire Darts): Throws small bits of fire at his target from his gauntlet.
  • Pyro Tornado (Salamander Break): Uses a fiery tornado to spin himself around quickly, and then strikes the enemy with a roundhouse kick.


BurningGreymon b

B Spirit of Flame b

BurningGreymon is the form Kamichi takes when he uses the B Spirit of Flame.


  • Pyro Barrage (Corona Blaster): Fires solar heat-wave energy bullets from his Rudori Tarpana.
  • Wildfire Tsunami (Flame Storm): Surrounds himself in a fiery aura which he then releases like a tornado.


Aldamon b

H Spirit of Flame b B Spirit of Flame b

Aldamon is the form Kamichi takes when he combines both the H Spirit of Flame and the B Spirit of Flame.


  • Solar Wind Destroyer (Brahmashira): Gathers solar energy into a dense fireball which he hurls at the enemy.
  • Atomic Inferno (Brahmastra): Release thousands of rocketing fireball missiles from his expanded Rudri Tarpana.


EmperorGreymon b
4-35 Unified Spirit Evolution Spirits (Takuya)

EmperorGreymon is the form Kamichi, when he Unifies the Spirits of Flame, Ice, Wind, Earth and Wood to help him become EmperorGreymon.


  • Dragonfire Crossbow (炎龍撃 Enryūgeki?, lit. "Flaming Dragon Shot"): Gathers energy the Ryuugonken and forms a crossbow-like weapon. It then fires a massive burst of fire which causes an atomic-like explosion.
  • Pyro Dragons (九頭龍陣 Kyūzuryūjin?, lit. "Nine Headed Dragon Formation"): Drives its Ryuugonken into the ground and generates nine fiery dragons that it sends at its target.
  • Dragon Crusher


AncientGreymon b

AncientGreymon is the Form Kamichi uses to extent the true power of the Spirits of Flame.


  • Gaia Tornado: Gathers the spirit of the land and creates a tornado to swallow up the opponent and blow them away.
  • Omega Corona (Omega Burst): Induces a super-detonation over the surrounding kilometers alongside an intense flash.


Susanoomon b

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