Level Fresh
Type Slime
Attribute Data
Next forms Coeurmon

Kamon is a Fresh Level, Slime Type Digimon. It Digivolves into Coeurmon.


Kamon is split evenly in half, with one side being pink and the other violet. The pink side has a small angel wing on its back and another on its head. The violet side has a small demon wing on its back and a small red horn on its head. On both sides, the eyes of Kamon betray its innocence and vulnerability, being rather large and expressive.


  • Balm Bubbles - Sprays a healing foam to relieve an ally of their troubles using curative balms in the bubbles
  • Bruise Bubbles - Launches bubbles as solid as boulders at the foe to cause slight bruising and internal damage.


  • "Ka" is one of two parts of the Ancient Egyptian concept of the soul. Its fellow and reciprocal is the "Ba".