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Level Champion
Type Mammal
Attribute Data
Family Virus Busters
Nature Spirits
Prior forms Nezumon
Next forms Romedamon
Partners Yvonne Lu

Kanemon is a cute Champion Level kitten Digimon.She resembles Tailmon slightly,w/ larger ears(no end fur),dainty paws(w/ microscopic claws),& strange symbols on her forehead.Kanemon's name comes from "kane",the Japanese word for "bell".This is probably connected to the small jinglebells tied onto her neck & tail w/ silver ribbons.


  • Sonic Bell: Rings her tail bell which make her enemies unable to talk or hear.
  • Psychic Bell: Rings her collar bell which makes her enemies faint.
  • Dash & Slash: Jumps quickly around her enemies & slashes them on the face.

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