Level Child (Rookie)
Type Dragon Man
Attribute Vaccine
Family Dragon's Roar
Metal Empire
Virus Busters
Prior forms K-mon
Next forms High-Noon Kaomon
Midnight Kaomon
Skyborn Kaomon (through Chaos Warp Evolution)
Partners Tobias Ryder
Crimson Blaze Army

Kaomon's name and design are derived "Chaos," as well as "I am the alpha and the omega," and the symbols "α" (alpha) and "Ω" (omega).

Kaomon from is a strange Digimon created from the data of an anti-virus program from the future called the "KαΩ" program (which means that Kaomon's name is technically "KαΩmon").

As a Dragon Man type, it has a strong sense of honor and great skill in combat. Its personality is an oddity though: it has the strong sense of justice of a typical vaccine type, and the mischievous nature and volatile temper of a typical virus type.

It has the appearance of a black child-sized dragon man, wears strong armor over its shins and forearms along with a metal girdle and leather shorts. It also wears the Star Crown, a helm that resembles the top half of a five-point star. It is said that if the power of the Star Crown is unleashed, its wearer will know unrivaled power.

The armor on its fore arms and legs is said to be so heavy, a Greymon couldn't lift it. (Whether that rumor it true or not is yet to be confirmed.) Kaomon wears this to push its body to its limits. Also, as a very rare Chaos type Digimon, it could easily challenge and even defeat Adult level Digimon.


  • Kao-Punch: Punches the foe using dark matter force.
  • Kao-Kick: Kicks a foe with dark matter force.
  • Dark Matter Force: Collects Dark Matter into a ball of energy and hurls it. An Ode to WarGreymon's Gaia Force

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