Karatenmon t

Karatenmon are large bird warriors that serve Tactimon & Lilithmon. When SkullSatamon arrives, he gives Tactimon & his sister special DigiEggs. These DigiEggs end up being the evil Karatenmon. These ferocious bird Digimon challenge the DigiDestined in battle. The DigiDestined usually defeat them as Digi-Ninja, but sometimes fight them with their Digimon, like the Claymon.

When Barbamon arrives, he gives the Karatenmon special seeds. This makes them more deadly, forcing the DigiDestined to fight with the new Metallic DigiArmor for their Digimon & rendering the DigiNinja powers obsolete.


The Karatenmon are created by Oozemon's loogie. They attack the DigiDestined on Phaedos, but are defeated by Mervamon, forcing them to retreat. Because of this, Oozemon kills them by electric bolts from his fingertips.