Level Rookie
Type Angel
Attribute Data
Family Virus Busters
Prior forms Coeurmon
Next forms SantoRyumon

Karimon is the vaccinated digivolution of Kamon. It inhabits ancient sacred sites, keeping them from falling into a state of disrepair and also keeping the rites alive for preservation. It is favored as a companion by virtuous Digimon like Leomon and SuperStarmon.


Karimon wears a long, flowing, and silky robe with yellow sleeves and a sky blue torso. On its front is a pink Crest of Light symbol. It's fur is pink and soft, while it has two white wings sprouting from its head. On its back is a set of white wings to match the ones on its head, but they're really only good for hovering. Its eyes aren't as large as they used to be, but they are still incredibly revealing, and they've gained a sort of lucidity.


  • Sacred Seals - Throws slips of paper with ancient seals written on them to bind evil powers
  • Shining Bust - Sends a ball of holy light spiraling toward the foe.
  • Pearl Flash - A short burst of pure white light irradiates the target's mind and frees them from evil influences.


  • "Kari" (or, more aptly, "Hikari") is the Japanese word for "light" or "a ray of light"