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Level None
Type Samurai
Attribute Virus
Family Nature Spirits

Metal Empire

Prior forms Fan:BlasterSkunkmon
Slide forms Katanamon Ronin Mode

Katanamon is a fanmade digimon created by User:Blossom49451. Its name is derived from the Japanese weapon, Katana . It wields two katana swords dubbed Silent Sakura. Aside from using its graceful moves in battle, it is also skilled at dancing and yoga.


  • Cherry Blossom Storm- Summons a strong storm of petals to strike the opponent.
  • Twin Sword Strike- Using the Silent Sakura blades, cuts through the opponent with swift precision.
  • Secret Technique: Dancing Blades- Gracefully attacks the opponents with Silent Sakura in a flurry of strikes while surrounded by cherry blossoms.

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