Kathrine "Kate" Rose
Digivice(s):Pink and light green Data Link Digivice with a black ring and brown screen
Light green and pink Digivice Burst with a brown screen
Trait(s):Sincerity, Love, and Light
Age 16-17 / 20-21
Grade 11th / N/A
Gender female
Known relatives Kevin Rose (father)
Unnamed mother
Lindsey Rose (younger sister)
Ray Wolfe (uncle)
Sara Ker (aunt)
Rei Wolfe (cousin)
Zephyr Wolfe (cousin)
Yukino "Yuki" Wolfe (cousin)
Unnamed "Evil" Aunt
Nationality Japanese and American
Occupation Student
DATS Officer



Kate is a sweet and kindhearted person, but cross he and you will pay. Big time.

Meeting her Digimon

Kate was a ten years old and she wanted someone to be there for her scene her mother past away. All of the sudden, she was playing on her father's computer when she came across a digital photo album with a picture of her mother. She started crying when she noticed that the computer started messing up. Just as she was going to tell her father the computer screen started to glow. Right after that a glowing object came flying out of the screen. It was a digi-egg. As soon as Kate grabbed the egg hatched into the digimon Budmon. A few days later an older man dropped a Data Link Digivice that was pink and light green with a black ring an a a brown screen. Kate tried to return it to him, but he let her keep it.

First battle

About a week later Budmon digivolved to Lalamon. Six years later Kate and Lalamon were out shopping for school cloths for Kate. On the way to the store a digimon named Nanimon attacking a gym. Lalamon tried to put him to sleep by using her attack Lullaby, but it failed. Nanimon fought back and knocked Lalamon out of the air. Kate felt so scared and angry that she indistinctly used her DNA Charge. At that exact moment Lalamon digivolved to Sunflowmon, defeated Nanimon, tuned him into a digi-egg and was just fixing to leave when an officer from the organization DATS stopped her and Lalamon and asked them to go with her. Just as they got to DATS Kate and Lalamon were tested and were admitted as full fledged members of DATS.

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