Kazumi Yamazaki
(山崎 一三 Yamazaki Kazumi)
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Hiroyuki Yoshino
(En:) Sam Riegal
Digivice(s):Blue/Yellow Digivice Scan
Trait(s):Thunder ( Ikazuchi?)
Age 15
Grade 9th
Gender Male
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Digidestined

Kazumi Yamazaki is one of the main protagonists of Digimon Adventure: Spirit Warriors. He possess the power of the Warriors of Thunder.


He is one of Izzy's friends in the science club, he likes to do experiments a lot. He is the smartest student in the school and ties with Izzy a lot during tests and exams.


Kazumi has black hair and green eyes, he is seen wearing glasses on his face and sometimes wearing a lab coat.


Kazumi appears as happy-go-lucky all the time.

Digimon Forms

Kazumi wields AncientBeetlemon's power through the Spirits of Thunder.


Beetlemon t
H Spirit of Thunder b

Kazumi becomes this Digimon when he uses the Human Spirit of Thunder. Beetlemon is a large humanoid Digimon who has a large horn on his head. He is capable of flight, and is covered in a blue and yellow armor-like exoskeleton. The armor plates just above his knees bear the insignia of AncientBeetlemon.

Beetlemon is an Android Digimon and a Champion-class Hybrid whose Japanese name and design is derived from "Blitz" (Deu: lightning) and whose English name and design is derived from the beetle. It is the Legendary Human Warrior of Thunder.


  • Thunder Fist (Thor Hammer): Gathers lightning in its hands and then hammers its foe with clasped fists.
  • Thunder Fist (Mjöllnir Thunder): Calls lightning to its body and then releases it through a physical medium with a punch.
  • Lightning Blitz (Lightning Bomber): Emits a powerful stream of lightning from its horn or rams foe with electricity stored in horn.
  • Lightning Blitz


MetalKabuterimon b

MetalKabuterimon t

B Spirit of Thunder b

This is the form Kazumi assumes when he uses the Beast Spirit of Thunder. MetalKabuterimon's entire body is covered in armor, and has two cannons form arms and one larger cannon on his head.

MetalKabuterimon is an Android Digimon whose Japanese name is derived from the mythological Fir Bolg, once thought to be the Neolithic god of thunder and lightning, and whose English name and design are derived from "Metal Kabuterimon". It is the Beast Warrior of "Thunder" entrusted with the power of the legendary Ten Legendary Warriors. Its personality is careful and deeply prudent because it was discovered in a defense system created in reference to the Scarab treasure chamber in the deepest part of a pyramid. During battle it patiently becomes a shield for its comrades due to its solid armor, and sustains the opponent's attacks, but when it reaches its critical point it attacks powerfully and thoroughly with all of its gunports until the opponent's figure is reduced to nothing. Because its heavy weight brings down its mobility, it is basically in charge of logistical support. However, it destroys the opponent in close-range battles with its various armaments.


  • Bolo Thunder (Ultimate Thunder): Collects and then fires all of its energy from both of its arms.
  • Electron Cannon (Field Destroyer): Fires an ultra-high speed positron laser from the gun turret on its head.


RhinoKabuterimon b

RhinoKabuterimon is an Insect Digimon and Mega-class Hybrid Digimon whose name and design is derived from the rhinoceros beetle and Kabuterimon. It is Legendary Fusion Warrior of Thunder, known as the Fusion Form (融合形態 Yuugou Kantei?) in Japanese media.


  • Thunder Laser
  • Condenser Storm
  • Ultimate Thunder


AncientBeetlemon b

AncientBeetlemon vg