Title White Demon
Level Mega
Type Peace Spirits
Attribute Virus
Family Nature Spirits
Metal Empire
Prior forms TBA

Kelprimon is a Legendary Digimon based off of the constellation Capricorn and a homage to Kirin from Monster Hunter. His white appearance is so hypnotizing it lures the hearts of all women towards him, and mixed in with those blue lighting patterns on it don't help much at all. According to Legend, a man was gifted a Kelprimon, but when he was supposed to kill it, he instead worshiped it. As punishment, the Kelprimon was given the ability to seduce women with it's mere looks, and if a women stared long enough, would be transformed into the female counterpart Arieprimon. The man, horrified to see his love turned into such a beast, was so enraged he wanted anything to still be with her, and thus was cursed into the form of the giant bull Digimon Taurprimon, and thus began a group of three bovine Digimon referred to as the Peace Spirits.

Digimon World: Aftermath

Kelprimon is first faced alone, and must be faced first, then Arieprimon, and then finally Taurprimon, before facing all three at once and then obtaining each of them. The order they're faced in doesn't matter, unlike the Metalsaurs they're parallels to. Also unlike the Metalsaurs, all three share an Ultimate Stage counterpart, it digivolving into Kelprimon at Level 50 with 10,000 Holy Exp. Kelprimon's moveset and learnable skills are almost identical to some of Kirin's attacks from Monster Hunter, including a homing thunder strike, and a shock armor effect it can activate which causes stun when Kelprimon runs into the opponent, but this doesn't work on Size 7 Digimon or higher, and Kelprimon and the rest of the trio is Size 1, as are their counterpart lines, the War Spirits.