Level Rookie
Type Canine
Attribute Virus
Family Nature Spirits
Prior forms Kokenmon
Next forms Kendomon

Kenmon is a fan-made Digimon, created by JeneralJess. This Digimon is a Canine type who wears denim blue jeans, burgundy jeans(that can convert into shorts with the unzipping of some zippers), or sometimes khaki pants. He stands roughly around the same height as Renamon, even perhaps a little taller. His weapon of choice, the Inuha, is located where his right forearm would be.

Kenmon is loyal and friendly to all. He likes to accompany other digimon and even various humans aside from his partner. At times he wanders off by himself, but if the bond between him and his partner is strong, Kenmon will come running back when needed. He also has a habit of getting his nose stuck in other people's business, resulting with him helping them out or even causing fights between him and the other party.

In times of battle, he's known to be a bit sluggish due to his choice of clothing, but when he comes in contact with his enemy, they should be well prepared. He won't back down from a fight, even when it seems unlikely he won't come out victorious. Kenmon is known to fight for those who cannot protect themselves and those who he sees he should protect, whether they be friend or foe.


  • Canis Sword: A series of slashes and thrusts from the sword found on his arm.
  • Echo Howl: A loud echoing howl that paralyzes his enemies for a short time.


  • This use of the word Ken is a Japanese term for "sword".
  • Inuha are two words in Japanese: "dog" and "tooth".