Level Child
Type Machine Swordsman
Attribute Vaccine, Data
Family Metal Empire
Prior forms Koromon
Next forms Kengoumon, Shinaimon, Taijimon+Digimental of Meditation

A fan Digimon created by User:Zeedryu Settairi, or Zeed Seiryuu.

Kens is short for Kenshi, or swordsman in Japanese.


Kensmon come in at a height of 4 feet 8 inches, with thick scarlet hair tied back in a topknot at the back of their head, and flat yellow eyes concealed behind a steel blindfold also tied at the back of the head through the hair.

Their skin comes in a general polished-copper sheen, though some have hues of silver and bronze around the joints from wear.

A partial- cuirass starting at the throat and ending just past the stomach is worn, made up of several layers of interleaved steel cable and wiring, with a red hakama tied at the waist by a black cable.

The shoulders are usually wrapped in rounded red plates of armor tied beneath the arm by black cables.

A red kote is worn around the right arm, with the bronze sheath of their sword tied into place around this by further black cable, and steel Jika-Tabi wrap around the feet to mid-calf.

Most Kensmon carry short wakizashi swords at this point made of iron or other lesser metals, though others wield solely bamboo-carved and blunted weaponry.

General Information

Kensmon practice their swordsmanship to an almost religious zeal, honing and refining their kenjutsu skills until they can create a new path unique to themselves in it.

Once they have done so the actualization of their desire will trigger evolution and allow them to begin perfecting that path. However, not all Kensmon have the potential or technique needed, and when that happens, they may take up the path of another Kensmon that has already evolved and become a disciple of that path


Kensmon usually go several years without seeing their surroundings until they can recognize by hearing and sense of smell alone.

Because of this, a Kensmon that wanders around without the blindfold is to be treated with extreme caution, as it's reactionary timing is peaked.

They retain these senses even in evolution.


  • Iaijutsu Aka Asahi(Red Morning Sun): The art of drawing and flourishing their blade in a manner to draw blood swiftly and as thickly as possible. The sword must be re-sheathed in order to use again.
  • Iaijutsu Shiro Tsuki(White Moon): The opposite of the above technique, it involves drawing the blade with minimal damage incurred to the opponent. The sword must be re-sheathed in order to use again.
  • Shohodo Sakujo(Single Degree Delete/ion): A basic slash delivered at full strength, it has the potential to grow into into a multiple-assault in time.