James and Keramon
Level Rookie
Type Unidentified
Attribute Unidentified
Family ?
Prior forms Tsumemon (No Virus)
Next forms Chrysalimon
Partners James Tanner

Keramon is an Unknown-type Digimon with a large mouth, he can eat more than 100 million bits of data in the space of a second, and does this by entering a computer and taking up all the space, terminally overloading the data. With a simple-minded, innocent character, even destruction is quite likely a game for him. Keramon appears to have a joker's collar around his neck, and underneath it's mouth, it has what resembles a second set of eyes, resembling a face in grief.

This version of Keramon, unlike the normal one, has no virus in his body. The virus within him was destroyed when a bolt of lighting struck him and killed it instantly. There is only one recorded version of this kind of Keramon and it is the partner to a tamer named James Tanner. Normally, Keramon is an odd blue color with orange markings. However, once the virus was destroyed in his body, he became a pale reddish brown color with blue markings.

Digimon Tamers: V2

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  • Bug Blaster (Crazy Giggle): While laughing, he shoots orb-bullets of destructive light from his mouth.
  • Network Flapping: Uses the data to destroy his enemies.