James and Keramon
Partners James Tanner

Keramon is a main character in Fan:Digimon Tamers: V2. He is partner to James Tanner.


The virus in Keramon was destroyed changing his color scheme slightly but leaving his eyes green. He also lacks the claws at the end of his tentacles like a regular Keramon.


Keramon was once evil and crazy; however, since the lightning strike hit him and reverted him to a digiegg he has just been crazy. Though he is still insane, he has a kind heart now and loves James.


  • Bug Blaster (Crazy Giggle): While laughing, he shoots orb-bullets of destructive light from his mouth.
  • Network Flapping: Uses the data to destroy his enemies.

Other Forms

The name "Keramon" only refers to the rookie form of this digimon. Through out the series he becomes a number of forms. His rookie form is his preferred form.

Kuramon (No Virus)

Kuramon(no virus)

Kuramon (クラモン)

Kuramon is Keramon's fresh form. It looks like a regular Kuramon with a green eye.

Keramon becomes this form after hatching.

Tsumemon (No Virus)


Tsumemon (ツメモン)

Tsumemon is Keramon's In-Training form. It looks like a regular Tsumemon with a green eye.

He becomes this form the day after he hatches, over night.

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