Kia Komori
(Komori Kia)
Appears in:Digimon War of all Worlds
Age 13
Date of birth Dec 16th
Grade 7th
Gender Female
Known relatives Jarret Ina = real father, Veronica Ina = stepmother, unnamed real father, Kathryn Komori = real mother
Nationality Japanese Jp flag
Occupation Actress

Kia is the mystery of the Warlord DigiDestined. Her real father is unknown but her mother is Kathryn Komori, her parents are Jarret Ina, her father, and Veronica Ina, her stepmother. Kia was at summer camp when she was taken to the Digital World, where she met her Digimon, Renamon. Kia's father died and mother gave her up, claiming she couldn't take care of Kia till she was older. Kia doesn't feel close to her dad nor her stepmother. Her dream is to become an actress, just like her real mother. Kia often keeps to herself, but has an exception with Skylar Hayashi who she eventually spill everything to, claiming he's the only one who fully understands her. At the end of the series, Skylar and Kia are a couple. Kia owns the Crest of love, which is perfect for the bond she shares with Skylar and Renamon. Kia is often compared to Rika Nonaka of season three.

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