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Level Ultimate
Type Ghost
Attribute Virus
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Fan:Scarymon

Killermon is a Ghost + Murderer Digimon whose name is derived from the mythological Killer and whose design is derived from the mythological Jason. It holds a gigantic Chainsaw. It is a higher class of Ghost + Murderer Digimon compared to Fan:Scarymon, so when a person is possessed by Killermon they are in their last moments, and it comes upon them when they die completely.The digicode at his Blood Saw / Chainsaw DC oDC chouonDC ruDC deDC riDC chouonDC to mean All Delete.


  • Bloody Saw (Evil Saw): A gigantic, full of power and deadly chainsaw.
  • Dead Touch : Touch and dead.
  • Skull Slap
  • Scary Face
  • Darkness Prison : Summon many ghosts.
  • Dark Smash : Use a chainsaw to smash digimon.

Notes and References

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