Type Composition
Family Virus Busters
Prior forms Aquilamon + Veedramon + Stingmon + Tortomon + Turuiemon
Next forms SuperKingAquilamon
* (w/ Lowemon)
Partners Sally Fullbright

KingAquilamon is a Composition Digimon whose name is derived from "King Aquilamon" and whose design is based off of the mechas of Super Sentai. Known as the "Hero Form", KingAquilamon is the beloved hero of children throughout the Digital World. With a strong heart that flares with justice and freedom, he is one that cannot stand by and let villains have their way. For this reason he is regarded as a hero and has become very popular. He always makes a flashy entrance as he flies into battle.


  • Icarus Blade: Creates a blazing sword in his right hand. Because it is generated from his indomitable spirit it is super-heated and can cut through anything.
  • Birdonic Blaster: Punches his opponents in the gut with a strong left, then lets loose a burst of explosive energy from his fist.
  • Kick Combo (Kick Combination): Pummels the opponent with a series of powerful kicks.

KingAquilamon's name is derived from the Super Sentai series, in which several of the combined mechas include the Japanese word for king. The names of his attacks are derived from Chojin Sentai Jetman; "Icarus Blade" is derived from the series primary mecha, the Jet Icarus, and "Birdonic Blaster" from the "Birdonic Waves" that provide the heroes with their powers.