KingBlademon is a mega-leveled digimon that consists mainly of blades everywhere on his body. KingBlademon's armor is a chrome digizoid and on it is also blades. His special attack is turning himself into a razor-shaped star-like weapon with sharp blades around it and move into the enemy rolling in a lightning-fast speed that could create a hurricane that sucks everything in its path.


His twin brother, KingBlastmon, consists of mainly multiples weapons that shoots out bullets, missiles, lasers, bombs, and even plant mines and dynamites. KingBlastmon's special attack is summoning into a large bomb that explodes and can destroy weak digimon instantly.


These two twin digimon bio-merge and digivolved to KingGodmon with golden armors with blades and explosive weapons everywhere on his magnificent body. While in this form, his skills and abilities are great and his experience is high. KingGodmon took the place as a strong digimon in the digital world.

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