KingGodmon is a newly-created digimon with a crown on his head. The crown contains two special jewels. One is a ruby, it is located inside the crown which supplies the crown with energy. Another is an emerald which is used to blasts lasers beam and it has many more special advantages. KingGodmon has the ability to change an unlimited size, big, small, medium. In his biggest known size, he is as big as a cluster of a galaxy. In that size, he can eats 5000 planets in one mouthful. He wears a 100 golden armors combining together in a chrome digizoid. It is digivolved from the DNA digivolution of KingBlademon and KingBlastmon. KingBlademon is the older twin brother and is stronger with multiples blades weapons with him. KingBlastmon is a robot-like digimon that has blasters and everything that explodes or being shot. KingGodmon is known as the king of all gods and the god of all kings.


KingBlademon is a digimon that looks a lot like a knight. He has a fan blade that can shoots smaller fan blades. It has many advantages. It acts much like a UFO and is very deadly when it is spinning.


KingBlastmon is nearly as strong as his older twin brother, KingBlademon. He has 2 hydrogen bombs attached to both of his shoulders. This makes most digimon thinks that the only way to beat KingBlastmon easily is to damages the bombs and then it will explodes. This is wrong, that's why KingBlastmon chose not to hide the bombs, revealing the bombs will makes other digimon think like that. But the bombs won't explode because it will explode only with the order of KingBlastmon. The bombs were controlled by KingBlastmon, so it will explode when KingBlastmon wants it to. When it is dropped or shot, the bombs will detached and will explode at the target that KingBlastmon wants.

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