KingVillainmon is the result of an Digivolution of Villainmon.It nearly has got the same attributes,but it is much stronger and more awful than the Champion Digimon.KingVillainmon is a very dangerous fighter - the two horns at the end of its tails are poisonous,furthermore one bite of KingVillainmon can kill a Champion Level Digimon in a second.The Digimon is also called "flying death",because it smells like graveyard so bad. KingVilainmon lives in caves like most dragons do.At day,the Digimon sleeps to be ready and aggressive enough for the night. Mostly the Digimon kills its victim after it has robbed it.


Dragon Digimon



Digivolves from:Fan:Villainmon

Digivolves to:Fan:DeathVillainmon

Created by:Seraphimon222


Blue Searing Wave:KingVillainmon sends a hot wave of blue fire to its enemies.

Black Bite:Painful bite ran through of dark energy.

Laser Eye:Laser attack of KingVillainmon's red eyes.

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