King Drasil
(イグドラシル Yggdrasill)
King Drasil 7D6 b
Title Machine King

King Drasil is the supreme ruler of the Machine Empire.


Driving Lilithmon & Tactimon off the moon, Drasil believes the Earth will be an easy conquest, but is shocked when his army of Hagurumon is repelled by the DigiDestined. Intrigued by the idea of being challenged in a conquest, Drasil decides to take his time trying to conquer Earth, as he had gotten bored of the easy takeovers of other dimensions.

However, Drasil soon grows tired of the DigiDestined, who repeatedly thwart his plans. The conquest of Earth is made even more difficult when the Three Golden Digimon arrive & bolster the DigiDestined's ranks, despite repeated efforts by the Machine King to take the Three Golden Digimon's powers for himself. Drasil is finally tired of fooling around & unearths the ancient Sword of Alphamon, intending to personally destroy the DigiDestined. He grows giant & confronts Earth's defenders, but is vanquished by their new SuperZeomon.

Despite this victory for the DigiDestined, QueenChessmon expresses confidence that Drasil will be rebuilt. During this time, the Royal House of Gadgetry has to deal with potential usurper Bombmon, who tries to woo QueenChessmon but eventually places her & Kapurimon under arrest & rules by decree. Drasil's first son Fuujimon soon arrives with his wife Crusadermon, take care of Bombmon, & then take over themselves.

King Drasil returns to the throne shortly after, chasing away the two. He clashes with the DigiDestined in battle with his new Digimon MultiHagurumon. When Lilithmon & Tactimon throw down their gauntlet & send down their own Digimon, Drasil asks them for a temporary alliance & DigiXrosses the two Digimon, but this plan fails. After a failed attempt to steal the Three Golden Powers again, the Royal House of Gadgetry meet with Lilithmon & Tactimon on the moon to strike up an alliance. However, they are double crossed as Lilithmon & Tactimon's "peace offering" gift is actually a bomb. Drasil & his family are blown to bits but his destroyed head swears vengeance.