Kira Kasai
(火災 キラ Kasai Kira)
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Jun Fukuyama
(En:) Johnny Yong Bosch
Partner(s):Agumon X
Digivice(s):Orange/white Digivice XD
Red/orange with a gold "Signal Port" Digivice XD Burst
Age 16
Gender Male
Known relatives Ichigo Kasai (Twin brother)
Zero Kasai (Father)
Shiori Kasai (Mother)
Asuka Kasai (Little sister)
Kintoki Kasai (Grandfather)
Tai Kamiya (Cousin)
Kari Kamiya (Cousin)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation DigiDestined
DARTS Officer

Kira Kasai is one of the main protagonist in the fan series Digimon Adventure: Recon Tactical Squadron.


Kira is depicted as a hot-head impulsive tempered young man who always get into trouble. He gets into fights a lot, and always never thinks. But he is good at subjects such as Math, Japanese, Gym, Music and Art. He is always caring when it comes to friends and family. He is a second year in Odaiba High School.


Kira has naturally bright orange hair, that is similarly shaped like fire. He wears visor-shaped Goggles created by his brother Ichigo, that when worn on top of his eyes, the lens will scan the digimon's data and show it's level, stats, and information. He wars a DARTS uniform that is an orange jumpsuit with a blue DARTS jacket. His casual look is a red jacket, with a yellow T-shirt, and loose blue jeans. He wears his school uniform which is a standard green blazer, white shirt, and a red tie. After DARTS was dissolved, Kira grew red highlights in front of his hair, he wears a red leather jacket with yellow flames from the bottom, blue jeans with fire patterns from his legs, red sneakers with yellow flames from the tip of his shoes, a black shirt with an orange symbol which is like a combination of the Crest of Courage and the Crest of Light, black leather wristbands, black fingerless leather gloves, and wears an armband with the japanese kanji of "Honoo" (炎) (meaning "fire", hence his name) on his left arm.


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