Kishi Aoinu
(青犬 騎士 Aoinu Kishi)
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Daisuke Namikawa
(En:) Steve Staley
Digivice(s):Blue/White Digivice Scan
Blue/White Digivice Scan Burst
Trait(s):Beast ( Kemono?)
Digimon Forms
MegaMirageGaogamon Burst Mode
Age 16
Gender Male
Nationality Half-Japanese, Half American
Occupation DigiDestined
Vice President of Aoinu Internationals

Kishi Aoinu is one of the main protagonist of the fan series Digimon Adventure: Digitalize.


Kishi Aoinu is the young Vice President of Aoinu Internationals. He's the son of Kiba Aoinu, President of Aoinu Internationals. He believes that being strong is how to win. He studied abroad in America and graduated from Harvard University at the age of 12. He returned to Japan to run the Japanese Division of Aoinu Internationals, while his father runs the Head Office in America.


He has a cold demeanor to his allies (mostly Kamichi's), and usually keeps to himself, like the "lone wolf" of the group. He develops a rude attitude which made Kamichi irritated by him. He also has a soft side, seeing that he doesn't tolerate anyone who attacked the weak. He usually acts snobby and stuck-up, he looks down on others because of his status.


Kishi appeared as a faired-skinned young man with neatly-combed blond-colored hair and blue eyes.

Digimon Forms


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MirageGaogamon b

MirageGaogamon Burst Mode

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