Level Champion
Prior forms Hakumon
Next forms HelioHakumon
*(w/ PrehistoricGreymon)
Partners Brittani

KitsuneHakumon is the Champion stage of Hakumon whose name and design are derived from the mythological kitsune and Hakumon. As such, it is a fox digimon with tremendous power. It bears a resemblance to Kyuubimon, furthering the belief that there is some relation to Renamon. KitsuneHakumon has spent much time practicing its techniques, leading it to become a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Its body is covered in a pattern of red, brown, and black fur. The blue stripe it had as a Hakumon turned into a blue flame. Its tail has also turned blue and caught fire. KitsuneHakumon can DNA digivolve with PrehistoricGreymon to become HakuGreymon. It has a special relationship with NogitsuneDarakumon.

First Appearance

KitsuneHakumon first appeared in the third episode of Fan:Digimon Adventure: A Tale of Two Heroes. Matthew, Brittani, and their digimon decided to take a trip into the Digital World to have a day of relaxation. The DigiDestineds began playing a game of baseball using PrimitiveAgumon's club as the bat. Brittani hit the ball towards a tree, where a Bakemon was hiding. This Bakemon happened to be one of Volatilemon's clones, so Volatilemon took Darakumon to go protect it. By the time they were almost there, Bakemon had attempted to attack Brittani. This caused Hakumon to digivolve for the first time and defeat the ghost digimon. At the same time, Darakumon digivolved into KitsuneDarakumon, causing Volatilemon to decide to go back to his lab and run tests on Darakumon's Champion form.


Kitsune Blaze- KitsuneHakumon's body catches fire and then tackles the opponent

Fox Illusion- creates five illusory copies of itself which are all capable of harming the opponent

Mental Flare- ignites the opponent using psychic abilities

Telekinetic Force- controls surrounding objects through telekinesis