Kj Kamiya is a fictional character from Digimon Saviors, Digimon Time Travelers, Digimon Space Warps, Digimon Corruption Stoppers and Digimon Heroes!. Kj is also Taichi "Tai" Kamiya's other son. Kj's brother Daichi "Dai" Kamiya got a Koromon just because he's the youngest in the family. It appears like Kai and Andre always fight over whose Kj's best friend.

Kj is characterized as a courageous, nice guy. His dad gave him goggles for himself. Kj started wearing the goggles everyday. He is also one of the leaders for the digidestined. He has a younger brother named Daichi "Dai" Kamiya and Dai was literally named after Tai except Tai put D instead of T. Just like Tai, Kj is overprotective of Dai because he's worried that he'll end up in the digital world all by himself with no one there to help him. Kj eventually didn't have to worry because Dai got Koromon.

like Tai, Kj is impulsive and doesn't care about the consequences at all. This causes him to fight with his best friend Kai Ishida (Matt's son) and his old and best friend Andre Izumi. He sometimes fights with his Digimon partner Terriermon.


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