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KnightGreymon is the Hybrid digivolved form of WarGreymon. digivolving from MetalGreymon . KnightGreymon is the ultimate digimon with knight weaponry such as the sword in his hand. He has a cannon in his left arm. KnightGreymon's best attack is the Final Flare in which his body is covered in fire and dives at his enemies with a coned shaped fire, also it creates a supernova after using this attack he turns back into koromon. His body is entirely made out of metal-like armor made out of Pure Chrome Digizoid. His Weapons are also made out of Pure Chrome Digizoid. His other attacks are Digi Nova Cannon, Twin Tornado, Fire quake, Terra Force, and his last move that attacks is Grapple Claw. He also has defend.

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