ChaosGallantmon b
Level Mega
Type Beast Man
Attribute Virus

Knightdramon was once a member of the Royal Knights but was banished after it was discovered that it was creating Dark Data. It was using this to augment itself and corrupt other Digimon in order to rule the digital world. It was corrupted and mutated so badly that its original form has been completely destroyed. It now has the appearance of a knight in shadow-colored armor, with black wings and sharp claws. After a battle that ravaged the Digital World, Knightdramon was defeated by the other Royal Knights and banished to the Dark Area. There is a prophesy that states that, if Knightdramon were to ever return to the Digital World, not even the power of the DigiDestined could stop it.


  • Hellfire Inferno: Summons all of its dark energy into a massive fireball that can destroy even the most powerful Digimon instantly.
  • Data Corruption: Sends massive amounts of Dark Data into a Digimon in order to corrupt it.
  • Demon Blade: Creates a blade with the very essence of the Dark Area.