Knowledge Zone truth be known is the 26th episode of Super Digimon Xros Wars.


Flamemon X5 begins battling and proves to be to much for SuperDarkKngithmon who splits his Xros and sends SkullGreymon and SkullSatamon back to the Twilight Zone and then retreats back himself.

Angelmon then opens a gate back to the Digital World Ian puts everyone in the X Loader and Angelmon is seen to have gone ahead, Ian and the army fallows and learn that Angelmon and some ohter strong Digimon can move through the Digital Airspace on his own and the team arrives in a secret zone only heroes can enter, the legendary 208th zone the Knowledge Zone a peaceful zone with no Digimon inhabitants and a castle.

When Blue Xros Heart enters the castle, Ian says it's a library castle, CeCe then says no wonder the zone is called the "Knowledge Zone". Angelmon tells them to split up into 2 groups to try to find the Code Crown. Ian says that the Digimon should help Maria and he and CeCe will look in the other group. Maria and her half find info about Xros Heart and Blue Flare when the Digital World had 108 Zones. Meanwhile with Ian and CeCe they find a book with there army's symbol on it, and next to it a book with the Code Crown symbol on it, Ian takes it and finds the Code Crown then he and CeCe kiss, they then get back with the other and Angelmon congratulates them on a job well done. Angelmon tells them about a 4th kid that's should be on there army and that they need to return home and find the 4th kid. Angelmon opens a portal back to the human world, then Blue Xros Heart leaves for home.

Featured characters

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Humans Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Xros

Flamemon X5


  • This episode is and hour long to mark the 1st year anniversary of the show.

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