Kokuwamon t

After Seraphimon, was trapped in the time-space warp by Lilithmon; Kokuwamon who was MetalKoromon at the time worked to create the Digi-Center as a base of operations, and he managed to get Seraphimon, connected to the Digital World.

Kokuwamon, as at first very reluctant about the idea of the Digi-Rangers. But he opened up when he became fast friends with Dan, Trini, Jason, Bradley, Sonia, Ian and their respective Digimon.

Kokuwamon's greatest dream is to Digivolve into Ballistamon, he got his wish, but turned into DarkVolumon, but was rescued and gained the ability to Digivolve to Ballistamon at will.

Later due to having to re-create Gumdramon's data Kokuwamon's power to Digivolve was removed to fix him.

Other forms


MetalKoromon t

MetalKoromon is Kokuwamon's Fresh level. MetalKoromon built the entire Digi-Center and reach Seraphimon.

After Bradley removes a virus Digivolution program from Kokuwamon, he De-Digivolves to MetalKoromon.


6-41 Analyzer-02 JP

Kokuwamon wanted to Digivolve, and looked for the power, and while he was recharging, Lilithmon put a virus Digivolution program into Kokuwamon. When Kokuwamon was attacked later, he Dark Digivolved into DarkVolumon. Seraphimon sent the Digi-Rangers to stop him, and they struggled to do so.

With FighterShoutmon as a distraction, Jason is able to remove the virus from Kokuwamon, and he reverts to MetalKoromon.


  • Ultimate Speaker: Amplifies sound into a destructive sonic wave.


Ballistamon t

Kokuwamon wanted to Digivolve and got his wish, when the Digi-Rangers were fighting a Digmon, Seraphimon granted him the power to Digivolve. After that Kokuwamon Digivolves to help the Rangers, but lost the power to restore Gumdramon.


  • Horn Breaker: Heroically uses his horn to fling the opponent.
  • Heavy Speaker: Emits a low tone from the speaker in his belly, shattering the opponent. This technique conceals the power to smash rocks and shake mountains, and that power level rises when he gets hungry.
  • Ultimate Speaker: Amplifies sound into a destructive sonic wave.