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Kokuwamon is the robotic Digimon assistant to the DigiDestined. Kokuwamon is an extremely important factor in the DigiDestined's battle against evil & acts as a secondary mentor to them, under his friend, the wise sage Seraphimon. Kokuwamon uses the phrase "ay-yi-yi" in situations that involve any kind of emotion (most commonly panic). He works in the Command Center most of the time, only getting out on a few occasions, & almost always obeys every command & order that Seraphimon issues.


Kokuwamon assists Seraphimon in the creation of the original DigiDestined as well as the Command Center. Kokuwamon is an advisor, mechanic, tech-wizard, & overall friend to the DigiDestined. Kokuwamon is dearly loved by the DigiDestined & Seraphimon.

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