Kozan Shoku
Appears In: Digimon Academy
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Partner(s): Devimon

Kozan Shoku is a main character in the story Digimon Academy. He met Devimon in the Human World. Devimon was badly beaten by a group of tamers who thought he was evil. Kozan came and Devimon thought he was going to hurt him as well, but instead Kozan brought him home and took care of him. Their friendship formed and Kozan's digivice appeared. They went to Digimon Academy where they became roommates with TJ and Cyberdramon. Cyberdramon's natural instinct was to attack Devimon which made the group hate each other temporarily. However in one epic fight they both dedigivolved to their In-Training forms which calmed them down. They all became best friends. Devimon then met Impmon as he was being harrased by LadyDevimon- partner of Tyler Death- and told her off and comforted him. They became best friends as well- though Impmon didn't think so because he saw how Devimon and Cyberdramon were best friends. This friendship would later lead to Devimon digivolving to his mega (expressed below).

Appearance ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Kozan has spiky, black hair and green eyes. He wears a black cloak over a red T-Shirt with flames on it and black pants and sneakers.

Personality ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Kozan is a very kind person that takes a lot to push him over the edge. However if you hurt his friends or the innocent you will be very sorry.

Digimon ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Devimon 2684


Devimon is Kozan's partner digimon. Like Kozan he is a very kind person and will always help those in need. However he is often stereotyped for being a Devimon.

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Other Forms

Zurumon b


Zurumon- Though it has not yet been shown it has been confirmed that Devimon will become this form at some point in the series. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Pagumon t


Pagumon- Devimon became this form after losing a fight to Lane and Abyssmon.


DemiDevimon t


DemiDevimon- Devimon became this form when he was beaten by Murmukusmon in the desert. This is also the form where he absorbed Impmon's data and warp digivolved to Beelzemon (2011). ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

SkullSatamon t


SkullSatamon- This is Devimon's ultimate form and he becomes it when he fights Murmukusmon. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Beelzemon (2010)- Devimon's mega form. This was originally meant to be Impmon's mega form. However because Impmon was dying in a losing fight he begged Devimon to take his data. Devimon relucantly agreed and after Impmon died he took the data and Impmon's scarf fell to the ground. The green card appeared in Kozan's deck and he used it to warp digivolve into Beelzemon. He picked up the scarf and tied it to his arm in memory of Impmon. When he becaomes Devimon again the scarf disappears only to return when he becomes Beelzemon again. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Digivice ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Black D-Power with red circle.