Level Champion/Rookie
Type Beast man Digimon
Attribute Virus
Family Nightmare soldiers
Prior forms Matamon
Next forms Tikaanmon/ Waninumon
Partners Yuki Tamashi

Kuinumon is a fictional character created by Snowspirit, he is the champion level Digimon of Matamon but he is the most preferred form.


Kuinumon is a dog Digimon with black fur. He stands on two legs with each limb having a stripe of light green fur. He has light grey claws on his feet and hands that match his horns that are now easily and notably bigger and curve backwards. He has two ears that spike up and red eyes. He has a light green marking in the corner past his eyes shaped like a crescent. He has a red strap that has a straw basket on the back holding his '9-erang' (Which is named because of how it's shaped.)

Abilities and powers

Kuinumon is good for attack close range (claws and teeth) and far (boomerang, other attacks) his small size gives him added agility for what he lacks in power somewhat. Without his 9erang he’s as powerful as a rookie, but gains the ability to digivolve to Waninumon rather than Tikaanmon.


  • ‘‘‘9erang’’’ He throws his boomerang with deadly accuracy which glows with green energy to strike his opponent.
  • “’Dark Slash”’ His claws glow with dark energy as he tears at his foe.
  • “’Ricochet Claws”’ Rapidly mauls his enemies with his claws in blurred frenzy.