Labramon t
Partners Skylar Hayashi

Labramon is the Digimon partner of Skylar Hayashi. Labramon is somewhat friendly, but aggressive if you make him mad. If his tamer doubts himself, Labramon will turn into Paomon. Labramon can fuse with Skylar, or warp Digivolve to become Anubismon.


  • Retrieve Bark: Labramon releases a loud bark of different frequencies.
  • Claw attack: Labramon attacks... with his claws.

Other Forms

The name "Labramon" refers to only the Rookie form of this Digimon. However, the Rookie form remains as the most common and preferred form, due to the amount of energy required to stay in a higher form.


Paomon b

Paomon is the Fresh form of Labramon. Paomon is a dog-like Digimon. He only appears when Skylar doubts herself. Her only attack is Hot Sigh.


  • Acid Bubbles: Fires pink bubbles at his opponent.


Xiaomon b

Xiaomon is the In-Training form of Labramon. Xiaomon is a dog Digimon. His only attack is Tsumo.


  • Tsumo: Bites his opponent


Seasarmon t

Seasarmon is the Champion form of Labramon. Seasarmon is a golden-lion Digimon. He looks ferocious, but can actually be very kind. His strongest attack is Tee Dia.


  • Tee Dia: Seasarmon fires holy beam arrows from his mane.
  • Sekkantou: Seasarmon's paws glow and he punches his opponents.
  • Holy arrow: Seasarmon attacks with the horns on his mane.


Cerberumon t

Cerberumon is Labramon's Ultimate form. Cerberumon is a strong, three-headed dog Digimon. He is known to scare people off with his appearance. After Labramon is done in this form, he is forced to return to Xiaomon. His strongest attack is Portals of Darkness.


  • Portals of Darkness: Cerberumon opens a hole, sending Digimon to their doom.
  • Emerald Blaze: Spews a red-hot jet of flames.
  • Styx Killer: Uses his claws to brutally attack the foe.


Anubismon b

Anubismon is Labramon's Mega form. Anubismon is the guardian of the world between the Digiworld and the Dark Area. Like Cerberumon, after this form Labramon is forced to turn back to Xiaomon. Anubismon's strongest attack is Amemit. Anubismon is known to represent Skylar's fear of pain happening to him or anyone he loves.

  • Amemit: Anubismon attacks using a demon that devours you whole.
  • Pyramid Power: Anubismon traps his foe in a pyramid.
  • Cursed slash: Anubismon slashes his foe, cursing them.
  • Fatal Cross: Anubismon glows and attacks with the power of the cross.
  • Diamond Darkness (w/Sakuyamon): Anubismon creates an eternal darkness covered by diamond dust that leads you to the Dark Area if you're evil, and saves you if you are seeking light.