(イル悲しいかな市野郎叔母あなたがたあなたがたショーグンあなたがた私モン Eruaishiyarotiayeruayeimon)
Title The Juvenile Prodigy
Level Ultimate
Type Reptile
Attribute Data
Family Dragon´s Roar

Lacertiliamon is a very strong Digimon whose name and design derive from "lacertilia", the group in which lizards, snakes and amphisbaenians or worm lizards belong to. It is Sauromon´s twin as well as Tuataramon and Lizardmon´s younger sister and searches for greatness like that possessed by its oldest siblings. Like its older sister, it carries a metallic Chrome Digizoid scepter arranged with four points facing diagonally to one another at both ends. It can hold its own and defeat virtually any Digimon. Like its older brother and sister, it has a very high intellect and it is cunning and excels at making plans and strategies. Like all of its siblings, it puts justice, honor and bravery at the top of its ideals. It will not yield to the attacks of any opponent and fights to the very end when it claims victory. It masters the element of darkness.


  • Reptile Scream: Lets out a deafening sound which pulverizes the data of its foe just with the strength of its vibration.
  • Saurian Aura: Encases itself within a huge reptile shivering with intense light and traverses the adversary, piercing their bodies altogether and leaving no trace of it.
  • Mass Scale Attack: Aims and fires its scales at the oponnent like projectiles, swooping through several enemies in a single shot.
  • Ultimate Claw: Slashes the enemy with its fierce claws and obliterates its data.
  • Dark Star: Fires an orb of pure darkness at the opponent and generates a humongous explosion as dark and devastating as the Dark Area itself.

Unison Attacks

  • Union of the Great Four: Lacertiliamon, Lizardmon, Tuataramon and Sauromon fire a combined assault with all of their energy, generating a blast that no object can withstand and no living being can survive.
  • Darklight X/Lightdark X: Lacertiliamon and Sauromon simultaneously swing their scepters, creating an "X" of energy that tears apart anything it touches and that is strong enough to distort gravity.