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Lachesis is a mercenary organization that takes on any job, no matter how dangerous, to fight a group of bandits known as Thanatos.


Thomas Kasuto

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Bellaluna Rosalina

Luna is the Witch of Lachesis, and is a sorceress who knows many spells, and is a master potion brewer. She has a seductive personality, and apparently has a blood fetish. Above all, she loves her foster daughter more than anything.

She is 5'08" tall, she weighs 132 pounds, and her theme is Waltz of the Damned [1].


Garret is the Pillager of Lachesis; he acts like a bandit, and therefore gains the trust of the enemy bandits, but as soon as they let their guard down, Garret slaughters them all with a malicious grin.

He is 6'01" tall he weighs 175 pounds, and his theme is Death Mountain [2]


MetalEtemon is the Butler of Lachesis. While not much is known about his duties, he seems to be Garret's "butler" solely, referring to him as his master.

Chrysania Rosalina

Chrysania is a young mage in-training, and thus is known as the apprentice. She is rather clumsy and falls over a lot, but is always happy and smiling, and loves her foster mother, Luna, more than anything.

Chrysania is 4'10" tall, she weighs 108 pounds, and her theme is The Young Sorceress' Foul Mood [3]

Pheragas Danved

Pheragas Danved is a large man wielding a large axe into battle. He speaks in a thick and heavy but understandable accent, and despite his fearsome appearance, he has a surprisingly kind heart, and he enjoys playing games with children, who all look up to him. He has the distinction of being the largest, strongest, and oldest human presently at Lachesis.

He is 6'05" tall, he weight 192 pounds, and his theme is Intense Sword Training [4].


SlashAngemon the Rook works with the timid Irene, and is the only person she isn't shy around.

His theme is Tibarn's Theme [5].


Irene is an incredibly shy young woman, often hiding her face with her hair or behind SlashAngemon's back. However, due to her natural quietness, she is a perfect fit for being Lachesis's Scout.

Irene is 5'00" tall, she weighs 110 pounds, and her theme is Id Sorrow [6].


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