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Ladybugmon is a fanmade digimon made by User:Blossom49451.

Ladybugmon fanart
Title Ladybugmon
Level Rookie
Type Insect
Attribute Virus
Family Nature Spirits
Next forms Fan:Mushimemon


Ladybugmon is an insect like Digimon whose name and design are derived from ladybug. Though this digimon is harmless in appearance, it does a good job of defending both Insect and Plant Digimon from threats. It can also fly surprisingly fast with its small wings.


  • Spot Squad: The spots on its shell light up to create light copies of itself.
  • Sap Shot: Shoots a stream of foul smelling honey out of its mouth.
  • Love Tap: Rams its rear at the opponent causing them to become attracted to user.
  • Buzz Buzz Buzz: Starts buzzing at a high frequency to annoy the opponent.

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