Lalamon X
(ララモン X)
Partner(s):Karen Hana
RookieLalamon X
ChampionSunflowmon X
UltimateLilamon X
MegaRosemon X
Lalamon X is a fictional character in the fan series Digimon Adventure: Recon Tactical Squadron who is the digimon partner of Karen Hana. She is a Lalamon with an X-Antibody in her.


She is a Lalamon with a crystal X-shaped stem on her head.


Her personality is like the Lalamon from Data squad.


  • Seed Shot (Nuts Shoot): Fires solid nuts from its mouth with surprisingly accurate aim.
  • Lala Spiral (Lala Screw): Spins its leaf with all its might to assault the opponent.
  • Sing a Song: Puts the opponent to sleep with a pleasant song.

Other Forms

The name "Lalamon X" refers only to the Rookie form of this Digimon. Throughout the series, Lalamon X gains the ability to digivolve into a number of more powerful forms, each with a different name and special attack. However, the Rookie level is her preferred one and the one she spends most of his time in.

Budmon X

Budmon X is Lalamon X's In-Training Form. She is a little green ball with crystal spikes and a leaf tail.


  • Dokutogetoge (ドクトゲトゲ? lit. "Poison Thorns"): Attacks with thorns that are painful if touched. If it gets angry, it can also fire them off.

Sunflowmon X

Sunflowmon X is Lalamon X's Champion Form. She is a Sunflowmon with a blue crystal orb on its chest, triangular petals, and larger leaves as wings.


  • Sunshine Beam: Fires rays of sunlight from all of its petals.
  • Smiley Slap: Slaps the opponent in the face with a smile on its face.
  • Cactus Tail: Waves its tail-like stalk, firing off its thorns.

Lilamon X

Lilamon X is Lalamon X's Ultimate Form. She is a Lilamon with a bigger lilac on its back with a gem in the middle.


  • Lila Shower: Fires countless slender beams from its leaf-like fingers.
  • Beauty Slap: Continuously slaps the opponent with both of its extensible hands, causing it to instantly fall in love with Lilamon.
  • Un Deux Pollen (Fra: One Two Pollen):Dances gracefully, scattering lovely-smelling pollen to bewitch the opponent.
  • Marvel Shot:Discharges iridescent energy spheres from the flowers on both of its arms.
  • Lilac Dagger: Brings the opponent down using an energy-based blade generated in its hand.

Rosemon X

Rosemon X b

Rosemon X

Rosemon X is Lalamon X's Mega Form.


  • Thorn Whipping: Tames a Digimon, no matter how frenzied, with a thorned whip charged with electricity. Those who suffer this technique become Rosemon's slave, body and soul.
  • Rose Spear (Roses Rapier): Brings the opponent down using the whip as a rapier.
  • Forbidden Temptation: Beautifully destroys the opponent's data in a shower of innumerable rose petals.

Sakuramon is the burst DNA digivolved form of Rosemon X and Sakuyamon X. She has Rosemon X's vines and cape in Sakuyamon X's body, her head is a combination of Rosemon X's and Sakuyamon X's.


  • Sakura Forbidden Temptation: Beautifully destroys the opponent's data in a shower of innumerable cherry blossoms.
  • Kiss of Breath (Aguichantes Lèvres, Fra: Sexy Lips): Releases a laser-blowkiss from its lips.
  • Jewel of Heart (Tifaret): Shoots Tifarets at the opponent.
  • Twin Blades of Beauty and of Truth: Uses the Kongou Shakujou to create two pink rings of energy around itself which form a barrier of cherry blossom petals.
  • Amethyst Wind: Unleashes a storm of purifying cherry blossoms.