Last Chance for Redemption is a fan series started on Gaia Online as a roleplay. Also a fan-fiction currently in production by the same Author under a different username; Jet Set Yoyo. The series remains on-going.


Last Chance for Redemption takes place thousands of years in the future from the end of the current Digimon Series. Digimon and Humans co-exist in the Human World and the Digital World is now little more than a vacation spot for enthusiasts. Digimon and Humans alike can come and go between worlds via government manned portals, much like airports, stationed in various large cities throughout the world. Though upon entering the Human World, Digimon are de-digivolved to their In-Training stage for human safety by a program where a block is placed on their data.

The program is called the Juggernaut V3.0 modeled after the same program used by Hypnos in Digimon Tamers but changed to suit current needs. It is a world wide digital program that is used to keep Digimon living in the Human World under control and prevent them from digivolving past the In-Training level.


At current, people forgot about the legends and the Digimon and Digidestined who fought to save both worlds so many years ago. Digimon have become as common as animals. They are even treated like them; kept as pets, used as maids and servants, abandoned, abused, neglected, thrown on the streets and left in special shelters set up for them. Some were lucky to find loving families but many were not.

Juggernaut V3.0 malfunctions causing a break in the safety net protecting the Human World from the various Digimon that could destroy it. Digimon of all levels begin to rain from the sky via portals ripped in the sky, hell bent on seeking revenge for their mistreated brethren. Immediately the damage is apparent. Buildings are destroyed, people killed, and cities are left in ruin as the war rages. Human kind is dwindling on the verge of destruction because of the inhumanity and selfishness humans have shown the Digimon. It's up to a group of children who love their Digimon to stop the war and show the Digital Race that not all humans are evil.

The story takes place mostly on File Island, taking on the feel of Digimon Adventure, though it did briefly feature the Human World during the initial attack. It is unknown at the time whether or not different areas of the Digital World will be featured.

Main Characters

The main protagonists of the series are twelve children ranging from the ages 10-16. They each have their own crest and a Digimon partner.

Character Crest Digimon Player
Simon "Sai" McCallahan Courage Dorumon Gaia Username: Yoshimitsu Kujo
Widely known as an impetuous youth, Sai enjoys handling things spontaneously, planning ahead as little as he can get away with. He is generally a loyal friend and a kind person, but has also been known to exhibit a violent temper.
Harold "Hal" Garrison Friendship Kotemon Gaia Username: Hitsukei
Hal is a paraplegic, but is able to walk on his own in the digital world. He is extremely envious of those who can walk on their own free will and would give just about anything to gain that equal freedom. He can be rather withdrawn at times.
Ken "Git" Ichiro Love Dracomon Gaia Username: Umnusman
Ken is one of the youngest Digidestined. He's a quiet, curious kid who gets frightened easily but always tries to help others even if it gets him into trouble.
Jasmine Starling Knowledge Dracmon Gaia Username: murruelecreuset
Jasmine is your average bookworm but she's got some spunk to her. Along with her intelligence and gentle demeanor she can really let you have it, politely, should you cross her.
Koichi Ambrose Sincerity Keramon Gaia Username: METALFumasu
Koichi is hard to anger and naturally laid-back. He's slightly introverted due to his unusual appearance and is the only Digidestined to have acquired his partner via an unnatural means.
Hisako "Hisa" Higurashi Reliability Impmon Gaia Username: Sango_Son12
Hisa is often seen in the midst of a verbal war with her partner though it never seems very serious. Generally, without being provoked by her Digimon, she is quiet and calm. She can be outspoken at times and doesn't hesitate to voice her opinion.
Eriol "Eri" Bito Hope Labramon Gaia Username: Beloved Nobody
Eriol is the older brother of Rayne Bito. He can come off as cold but really he's quite the opposite especially when it comes to his sister. Sometimes he can be rather harsh which adds to people's initial impression of him.
Key Minao Light Penguinmon Gaia Username: TokiyaAki
Key can be seen as carrying a personality more mature than her actual age. She doesn't say anything that people don't want to hear and can be overly polite; sometimes mockingly. She can also be childish especially when she's playing competitively. Key is extremely competitive.
Zaiden Zakii Darkness Wizardmon Gaia Username: Andrew Pottsy
Zaiden is very withdrawn from most of the group, even going far enough to insult others to keep them away when silence doesn't work. He is one of the only Digidestined to seemingly care very little about his Digimon. Stubborn and blunt, it is difficult for him to get along with the others for very long. There have been times where he has tried to be helpful in certain situations but the kind gesture is usually short-lived.
Kaelan "Scribbles" Mikami Loyalty Bearmon Gaia Username: Andrew Pottsy
Cael is one of the youngest Digidestined. He is relatively loud, cheerful, and outgoing. He likes to help others but generally is just in the way all the time and gets into more trouble than he does actually help due to his gullible nature. He has come to see Tim as a replacement older brother and usually sticks to him when he's not getting into trouble.
Rayne Bito Compassion Agumon Gaia Username: NightingaleLullaby
Rayne is the younger sister of Eriol Bito. She is very outgoing and blunt; although she can be very nice if she likes you but if she isn't fond of you she won't hesitate to tell you off. She's generally a happy person and a bit of an optimist. Despite being more upbeat than her brother, she is shown to be very serious and mature.
Tim "Wolf" Lope Balance Gabumon X Gaia Username: wild wulfie of the forest
Tim is reliable and kind, choosing to look out for some of the other Digidestined; namely Cael. He can be cautious but is generally friendly and likes to look on the bright side of things. Tim can always be relied on to deal with things calmly and swiftly. While Gabumon X is his partner, he takes care of several other young Digimon back in the Real World.


Each area of File Island has a Digimon Ruler that controls it. The Ruler's vie for power and territory with each other; the only thing they seem to agree upon is the dislike for humans. Despite that, even some of them have human partners or servants that seem to have little care for their intentions of destroying the Human World for one reason or another. Each Ruler seems to embody the opposite virtue of one of the Digidestined children. Only Primary Village is without a Ruler but instead a Guardian; a lone Elecmon that cares for the infants.

Character Trait Area Partner Player
Piedmon Cowardice Toy Town N/A Gaia Username: The Widget
Anubismon Rivalry Overdell Brian Clay Gaia Username: wild wulfie of the forest
QueenChessmon Hatred Factory Town Azkadellia Gale Gaia Username: Gumby Ningata
Gaiomon Ignorance The Great Canyon Madison Gaia Username: NightingaleLullaby
Barbamon Deceit Freezeland N/A Gaia Username: Hitsukei
Astamon Unreliability Yokomon Village N/A Gaia Username: METALFumasu
Plesiomon Hopelessness Coela Beach Hana White Gaia Username: murruelecreuset
Ghoulmon Dusk Dragon Eye Lake N/A Gaia Username: Andrew Pottsy
Gryphonmon Dawn Gear Savannah Ijji Kuroichi Gaia Username: Ginger Nix
Milleniumon Betrayal Geko Swamp N/A Gaia Username: Zahadrin
Spinomon Indifference Tropical Jungle N/A Gaia Username: Andrew Pottsy
Cherubimon Chaos Infinity Mountain Adam Gaia Username: Umnusman