Title Poison Princess
Level Ultimate
Type Sea Beast
Attribute Virus
Family Deep Savers

Latroditmon is a Composite Digimon whose name is derived from "Latrodectus" + "Aphrodite". The simplest description of this creature is a naga blended with a spider. Despite outward appearances, she likes to come off as a cutesy little princess just having fun in her own little world. This belies her true nature, as she enjoys toying with other beings and destroying their mentalities as much as possible, possessing both the skills and expertise to do so.

When asked the following questions, Latroditmon gave the following responses:

You need to reach a high-story window of a skyscraper. How would you do this? "What kind of silly question is that? Clearly I would just walk up the side of the wall with my fabulous legs, though I would probably need a pedicure afterward."

You need to open a locked, heavily-armored door. How would you do this? "Well clearly the first step would be to 'politely ask' the guards to open the door for me. If they won't, I would just give them a time-out and have them watch as I take the keys and open the door in front of them."

You need to carry someone over a long distance, without the person wriggling free. How would you do this? "Assuming my little friend is being too stubborn to come himself, I would give him a little love-tap with my tail, then wrap him in a nice, warm, webby blanket and carry him like a little baby."


  • Spinner Claw: Releases energy-draining silk from one or both of her claws as a web-like spray or explosive projectile(s).
  • Serpent's Tail: Strikes opponent(s) with the venomous barbed appendage on her tail.
  • Siren Gaze: The eyes on the spider portion shimmer, mesmerizing (sometimes even brainwashing) foes.