Laura Aanval
(アアンバルローラ Aanbaru Rōra)
Appears in:Digimon Mighty Squadron 03
Digimon Zeo
Digimon Turbo
First appearance An Afternoon Drag
Last appearance Passing The Torch
Digivice(s):Yellow Z-Digivice (Digimon Zeo)
Yellow D-Shifter (Digimon Turbo)
Trait(s):2 (=) (Digimon Zeo)
Age 15 (Digimon Zeo)
16 (Digimon Turbo)
Grade 9th (Digimon Zeo)
10th (Digimon Turbo)
Gender Female
Known relatives Mia (Sister)
Nationality African

Laura Aanval (アアンバルローラ Aanbaru Rōra?) is a fanfictional character in Digimon Zeo. She is a new member of the DigiDestined & the successor of Zoe.


Digimon Mighty Squadron

When the evil Barbamon reverses time & renders all the DigiDestined as helpless children, they are sent through time to collect the fragments of a mystical item called the Zeo Crystal. The current member, Zoe, travels to Africa, where she encounters the young Laura. Though she finds her Zeo Subcrystal, Zoe wishes to stay in Africa to help sick animals, & so Laura agrees to return to the present in her place.

Digimon Zeo

When the five Zeo Subcrystals are finally reunited, & Barbamon's tampering with time is undone, Laura discovers that she had grown to adulthood along with the other DigiDestined. Being the most inexperienced of the group, it is briefly considered that Laura's Zeo Powers will go to Nicky, however he declines & Laura becomes the new member of the DigiDestined, with KnightChessmon as her partner.

Laura begins her tour of duty as one of the newest members of the DigiDestined while having to cope with the Machine Empire invasion as well as having her world turned upside down by leaving her time period & entering the Tokyo of the future as an orphan. To help her cope with her temporal displacement, Mia convinces her parents to adopt Laura.

Luckily, Laura adapts quickly to her new lifestyle & begins to learn martial arts from Alex & Liam. She joins the Tokyo Junior High softball team as a pitcher. She briefly dates bad boy Lane but breaks up with him because of his bad attitude towards her. She is also an excellent singer, & her summer job as a DJ catches the interest of a recording company. Presumably, she accepts their recording contract upon retiring as a DigiDestined. Also, despite her lack of a formal education, she reveals herself as one of the wisest of the DigiDestined, easily solving mysteries that often leaves her friends baffled.

It is eventually revealed that her real parents are explorers, who had left her in Africa while they went searching for the "Lost Relic of AncientTroiamon" on the fabled Mysterio Island. After receiving a letter from her old tribe & Zoe, she manages to find & rescue them. She learned that the "Lost Relic" is in fact the form of the ancient hero, AncientTroiamon, whose care she places in the hands of Taylor, who is serving as the partner of the Three Golden Digimon at the time.

Digimon Turbo

When the evil Digimon Pirate Mermaimon threatens to raise a powerful Digimon named AncientVolcamon to marry her, Laura, along with the other DigiDestined, accept new Turbo powers & she gains her new Digimon, Dorulumon. Laura continues to fight against Mermaimon, but then she & the other DigiDestined veterans pass on their powers to worthy successors after graduating from junior high school. Laura selects, as her replacement, the Tokyo cheerleader, Holly, to continue on as the partner of Dorulumon.