Level Rookie
Type Vegetation
Attribute Vaccine
Family Jungle Troopers
Next forms Flytramon
Partners Hisui "Hazel" Kawari

Lavenmon is a sweet flower Digimon named after the lavender,a pale purple flower.She looks a lot like Lalamon but Lavenmon is smaller & pale yellow w/ a few pale purple petals on her body.Two petal that make up her tail can spin like helicopter blades & let Lavenmon glide shortly in the air.


  • Laven Laser: Shoots 2 purple beams of light from her forhead at the enemy.
  • Petal Pendant: Uses 5 lavender petals to make a mini-frisbee & throws it a the enemy.
  • Lavender Lines: Aims a bunch of petals in a spiral line at the enemy to make them feel woozy.