Lee Hita
Digivice(s):Light Blue and Dark blue Data Link Digivice with white ring and yellow screen
Gray and Blue Digivice Burst with a light gray screen
Age 16-17
Grade 11th
Gender Male
Known relatives Victor Hita (Father)
Jenny Hita (Mother)
Mel Hita (Older Brother)
Kalvin Hita (Older Brother)
Nationality Half-Chinese Half-American
Occupation Student
File:Data Link Digivice IX.png


Lee is a smart and trustworthy person, but he can be hard to talk to sometimes.

Meeting his Digimon

Lee was always different then his father and brothers. When a Digivice came flying to him he knew what it meant. Several days later, He was typing his homework on his computer when it started messing up. When he looked up he saw a digi-egg floating down to him. Right as it landed in his hands he felt like he had to take on some new responsibilities. Just then the egg hatched to the digimon Wanyamon. It took Approximately four days before any of the other Digidestined knew Lee even had a digimon.

First battle

Once all the other Digidestined learned Lee had a digimon all the other digimon welcomed the new partners to the team. Once all the members met them they went to the Digital World. Once in the digital world Wanyamon digivolved to Gaomon. All of a sudden the digimon RedVegiemon attacked them. Gaomon protected Lee as much as he could, but he got knocked out by RedVegiemon's smell. Lee tried to avoid its attacks and succeeded for a while, but he ended up being at the edge of a cliff. Just before RedVegiemon could try to knock him of the cliff Gaomon got up and blocked the attack. Soon after Lee saw his DNA Charge was glowing, and touched the top of his digivice. Gaomon then digivolved to Gaogamon and defeated to RedVedgiemon. Right as RedVegiemon was defeated Lee and Gaogamon saw a corrupting virus left him.

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