Leo Royal
Digivice(s):Light green and white Data Link Digivice with black ring and dark green screen
Black and light green Digivice Burst with dark green screen
Trait(s):Reliability Friendship, and Knowledge
Age 17 / 21-22
Grade 12th / N/A
Gender male
Known relatives Xander Royal (Father)
Anna Royal (Mother)
Blain Knight (Brother)
Nationality American
Occupation DATS Officer (former)


Leo is the friendliest person you will ever meet.

Meeting Digimon

Leo was playing with his young brother Blain when his computer started acting very strangely. All of the sudden two Data Link Digivices came out of his computer. One was brown and pink with a white ring and gold screen (Blain's Digivice), and the other was white and light green with a black ring and dark green screen. No more the 2 seconds a single digi-egg came out of Leo's computer also. The egg started hatching a second later, and the egg hatched into twin digimon Conomon (Blain's Digimon) and Zerimon (Leo's Digimon). About three or four hours later Blain went back to his apartment with Conomon. Just as Blain left Zerimon digivolved to Gummymon. Two days later, Gummymon digivolved to Terriermon and Conomon digivolved to Kokomon then to Lopmon.

First battle

After a couple more days Leo saw a girl from his class, who he "really liked", named Kate Rose, and she was with her digimon partner Lalamon. Both of them were fighting the virus digimon Goblimon. Leo wanted to help them, and so did Terriermon. Just as they went to help Goblimon digivolved to Ogremon, and he knocked Kate off her feet and Lalamon out of the air. When Leo saw that, he ran at Ogremon, not knowing he had his digivice out,. Right when he realized his digivice was out he also realized that his hand was hand was glowing. Kate was amazed and told him that the glowing on his hand was a DNA Charge and she also told him to strike the top of his digivice with the hand that was glowing, and he did so. Immediately after doing that, Terriermon digivolved to Gargomon and then took down Ogremon thus turned him back into a digi-egg. After that Gargomon de-Digivolved to terriermon and they both went to go help Kate and Lalamon. Kate took the egg and headed back to DATS HQ with Leo and Terriermon.

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