Lexi Blitz
Digivice(s):Red and yellow Data Link Digivice with a white ring and blue screen
Age 10-11
Grade 5th
Gender Female
Known relatives Unnamed Parents
Volt Blitz (Younger Brother)
Nationality American
Occupation Student


Lexi is strong and trustworthy girl, once you really get to know her.

Meeting her digimon

Lexi got a Data Link Digivice several days before her digimon came to the Real World. She was doing an essay for her class at home. It took several minutes for her to noticed an egg floating right in front of her. When she had the egg in her hand she felt a ton of heat radiation from the egg. The egg started hatching. The egg hatched into Mokumon. Immediately after Mokumon hatched the room got a little hotter. Lexi was interested in Mokumon and noticed that he started changing. Mokumon digivolved to DemiMeramon. After digivolving the room got hotter then normal, but it didn't bother Lexi. Later that day she went to the Digital World with her friend Haley and her brother Blain and their friends, and DemiMeramon digivolved to Candlemon.

First Battle

While in the Digital World a digimon named Snimon attacked. Candlemon protected Lexi from Snimon's Twin Sickles attack. Just as Lexi saw Candlemon get hurt trying to protect her she wanted to help him. Just as she wished that she noticed her body was glowing. Haley told her the glowing was her DNA Charge and told her to touch the top of her digivice, and she did so. Right as she did that Candlemon digivolved to Wizardmon and Defeated Snimon, and all of them noticed a weird black smoke coming from Snimon. Later they all learned that black smoke was a Virus that would corrupt the data of any digimon it touched. Lexi was relived that Candlemon was able to help Snimon get rid of the virus.

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