Title Master of Thunder and Fire
Level Super Ultimate
Type Spoof Star
Attribute Free
Family Virus Busters
Metal Empire

Librodramon is a Legendary Digimon that's both based on the constellation Libra and a spoof of the Mario Bros, specifically their incarnations from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Librodramon was designed to represent a balance between two different forces of energy, both of which destructive yet different at the same time, yet regardless, both were energy of some sort. It had a famous duel with Fracktamon many years ago, which was also a spoof Digimon created from a video game, ironically, the same game Librodramon was created from. Librodramon continues a tradition of Olympus Mon type Monsters in designs made by Shiramu-Kuromu with at least one of them being a spoof or a homage to another franchise. Librodramon was known for having used hammers to forge the elements of thunder and fire, and is the original user of both elements.

Digimon World: Aftermath

Librodramon requires Fracktamon as the main Digimon in the party to be faced at all; It can be found otherwise, but not fought unless you have Fracktamon. Fortunately, Fracktamon is obtained in the game by password as in the previous games, and like the previous games, must be challenged before being obtained. Make use of Fracktamon's near invulnerability when attacking Librodramon, as Librodramon WILL attempt to exploit Fracktamon's weakness, so dodging or blocking is necessary to beat Librodramon. After the battle, Librodramon is not destroyed, but rather he gives you the scan data to his kind compared to how most of the others are obtained. Librodramon can switch between being Fire element to being Thunder element, but it must switch manually to do so, which will change it's patterns of attacks to use. It's finishing move is a combination of both elements that completely incinerates the surrounding area of any enemy Digimon within range. Odd for a Digimon so rare, it stays in a town the entire game, most of the time asleep and unable to be seen as it's house is locked til the main storyline is completed. It says it prefers not to live the fancy lifestyle as a deity like the others due to the chaotic Gemini Digimon Stellerdramon and Photondramon destroying all of it's precious work.