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Life's A Masquerade
(Sono masuku no haigo ni nandesuka? Sutōkāborutomon!)
"What's Behind That Mask? The Stalking Boltmon!"

Life's A Masquerade is the twenty-fifth episode of the first season of Digimon Mighty Squadron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


The gang is helping to decorate the Youth Center for the Halloween costume party. Brick & Stick end up having to help, Spencer goes after Debra again, & Alex helps Maggie paint. Brick & Stick's antics once again end with Brick getting hit with a bucket of paint.

Lilithmon goes ahead with her plan to mine Super Claymon, but needs to distract the DigiDestined. Wisemon creates a Boltmon. It's sent to Tokyo.

The five main DigiDestined convene at Nicky's house, all wearing costumes. Alex is still finishing his costume & plans on catching up with them. Brick & Stick try on costumes in hope of finding ones that will win the the big prize at the party. Kokuwamon shows up at the party because he wanted to party with the DigiDestined, & this costume bash would be the perfect opportunity. Boltmon crashes as well, but no one seems to notice.

Wisemon heads the mining of the Super Claymon at some cave.

Boltmon gets violent after its foiled attempt to catch the DigiDestined. It chases Brick & Stick outside of the Youth Center. Nicky follows the Digimon to the cave. He summons his Digimon Triceramon & battles the beast with little success. He regroups with the others at the costume party as Lilithmon erupts from the surface of Tokyo on top of a giant ball of Super Clay. At the Command Center, Seraphimon fills the five in on Lilithmon's plans. Alex is ambushed by Claymon outside the Youth Center. The other five summon their Digimon & go to confront Boltmon. It's very powerful & the DigiDestined are barely holding out when Lilithmon makes Boltmon grow.

DinoOmnimon duels with the Digimon & Alex is finally able to summon his Digimon, Coredramon & join his friends. Neither Coredramon or DinoOmnimon have luck with fighting the creature so BattleCoredramon is formed. With the DigiStaff, the DigiDestined finally kill Boltmon after he initially manhandles the BattleCoredramon.

In the end, Alex shows up in his Frankenstein Monster costume at the party. Hojo declares the winner of the costume contest to be... Kokuwamon! Brick tells Stick to grab a can opener, as he wants to learn what Kokuwamon really is. Kokuwamon states that his identity is one mystery that will have to remain unsolved.

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