Title Ultimate Lion Lord
Level Super Ultimate
Type Ultimate Lion
Attribute Vaccine
Family Nature Spirits
Virus Busters
Prior forms SaberLeomon

Ligermon, the "Ultimate Lion Lord" Digimon, is courageous against even the most powerful of foes. It is a combination of SaberLeomon with the data of Baihumon, with both of their fierce power being used to created the most powerful beast Digimon. Only one individual is said to exist at the moment of it's creation, which was the result of Dragoramon's Genesis ability, which took the data of a noble hero and revived it as the ultimate Digimon of it's kind.

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions

Ligermon is first seen in the main quest involving the D-Reaper, which it escapes to the Tamers universe thinking it it's the Tamer's incarnation of the D-Reaper. The D-Reaper, even more powerful than it was before, quickly defeats the Tamers and everyone else. The Grand One appears before the D-Reaper, mocking it for how it would ultimately be defeated at some point. To prove his point, he orders Dragora to remove Leomon's data from Impmon and not only revive it back into Leomon, but also digivolve him into Ligermon. Once fully formed, Ligermon has no memories of his past, until he hears Jeri's screams of fright trying to flee from the D-Reaper. Ligermon is the living embodiment of the program used to destroy the D-Reaper, but Dragoramon made it so the D-Reaper could do nothing to harm it, for it's hide was impossible to penetrate.

The player briefly controls Ligermon in the battle, which causes all other D-Reaper agents to be destroyed and limits the D-Reaper down to the main agent. Ligermon's very footsteps caused the D-Reaper to feel fear for the second time, as The Grand One already threatened to have Gaiamon bombard the D-Reaper from space earlier. Speaking of Gaiamon, the ultimate weapon that Dragoramon put into Ligermon was the Gaia Genesis Cannon, which Ligermon promptly used to destroy the D-Reaper with. However, as most of the Digimon using the Gaia Genesis Cannon were machines, nobody was aware it would cause Ligermon to be destroyed at the same time, but not before it had a brief ruin with Jeri as it degenerated to Leomon. The Grand One, who did not give the command to give Ligermon the Gaia Genesis Cannon, promptly uses said cannon and blasts Dragoramon to pieces to everyone's amusement then beats him up with Belphemon's gauntlets.

Ligermon digivolves from SaberLeomon after having cleared that quest and also having obtained Impmon and Dragoramon. It then requires to be Level 99 to digivolve into Ligermon.